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Unfortunately, it's over with our endpoint threat detection system.
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You need more than anti-virus

Running a single anti-virus software product on a computer, or a firewall on the network, is no longer adequate to detect advanced security threats and cyber attacks. Businesses are getting hacked. You need more than anti-virus and firewall solutions.

Hackers go undetected for 200+ days

Today’s reality is that most businesses have no way to quickly detect advanced attacks – let alone stop them. It takes a median of 200+ days to detect threats, and almost 70% of breaches are discovered by external parties.

Get a fighting chance

yNotLOG by SevenTwentyNine watches your endpoints for security threats that evade your anti-virus software and firewall. It complements these solutions and enhances your overall security -- without impacting your system. It enables you to quickly detect threats and attacks that may go unnoticed.
It gives you a fighting chance.

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Endpoint + Network Detection

Records and analyzes an endpoint’s security logs, processes, auto-start execution points and user activities. Analyzes outbound connections from your network devices to the Internet.

Reports threats and provides recommendations to neutralize the security threat or attack.

Easily Track Activities & Processes

Provides a single portal from which you can track every executable file and process running on your computers.

Enables you to accelerate your incident response activities. Saves your IT personnel from spending days trying to identify what ran on a computer or determining a user’s action.

Sensor + Analytics Engine

Sensor records activities from endpoints in real-time and securely sends the data to the analytics engine for analysis and reporting. Installation is quick and painless.

Analytics engine is scalable, multi-tiered and redundant. Analysis is performed using open source threat intelligence, statistical analytics and our proprietary signature-less behavior based algorithm.

Cloud + On-premise + Remote

Works in the cloud, works on-premise and works remotely.

Customer Benefits

Benefits by SevenTwentyNine

Most solutions in the market give you only one type of security technology. This means that you end up buying multiple products to cover the full security stack. yNotLOG by SevenTwentyNine features a remarkable 3 of the top 10 technologies for information security in 2014 as identified by Gartner. These are: Endpoint detection, Big data security analytics and Machine-readable threat intelligence. You get 3 solutions for the price of 1.

SevenTwentyNine – helping you watch out for hackers, crooks and other nuisances in the world.
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